Today’s target

Write at least 60 lines of code combining all of the html, css, javacript, php and Ajax.

I know you fear unknown but we are gonna make it, hero. Remember only you can pick yourselves back.

Bruce, Why do we fall? So, we can learn to pick ourselves up!!


It feels like entire world wants me to become bigger.

It’s been a few days since I am depressed for nothing. I felt nothing’s happening in my life. Everyone who were with me in the beginning of my Startup, left. Though my business is meagrely profitable now, it wasn’t the path we’ve chosen to go. I shouldn’t leave what’s working, for some illusionary thing which might not even happen. I am alone in my journey. I know it. And, I also know that if I successfully end up building the empire which I envisioned, I will be generating employment for 400-500 people at the least. I will be effectively helping thousands.

I understood from my experiences of last three months that Ideas do work when they are worked upon. Though everyone might not stay with you, make your time with them worthwhile and memorable, so that even if they leave you they will never be able to get a place they will be as comfortable as they were with you. It might be a revenge in itself but it’s actually not.

Yeah, going ahead to what’s the title all about. Today, I met a stranger named Anil, a writer, had a pleasant discussion with him about numerous things but two sentences which had an impact on me were:

Anil : So tell me Vishnu – Why do you think everyone left you? usually wherever I see a scenario like this, at least one person will stick to the endeavour!

( until he asked me, it never occurred to me)

I, thinking for a while, answered him – ” naaku telisi, inthaku mundu nenu nannu eppudu prove cheskoledhu, so maybe they have nothing to believe in me.”

(Translation: I think, I never proved myself to them before, so they have nothing to believe in me)

When he asked why Startup?

Me: I said I had this in me since my childhood days, I was always interested in business.

Anil : Yeah. There should really be people like you, who starts companies else who can people like us have jobs.

—— I don’t how it made you feel. But I felt ecstatic because that’s the heck I am working for – to reduce the unemployment at least one percent of this entire unemployed youth in India.

A few things I have learnt –

  1. Patience has the highest priority. There are at least 10 thousand pieces there are to build it. If you are just tired after joining the 10 pieces and are unwilling to go ahead, you are not in the right path, buddy. Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it, one day the resistance inside you fades away. Don’t expect results faster. 
  2. Believe that in the end it’s gonna work somehow, just keep doing it.  Impediment to action, advances the action. What stands in the way, becomes the way.

  3. Keep the company of people who are revered even after they are dead, if you wanna be like one of them.
  4. Don’t let yourself be defined by the status quo. Let your soul become bigger. Assume your soul is bigger. Make sure it finds it’s home.
  5. And finally, when you are not happy with your work. You will try to find happiness elsewhere.

Choose to love something to love something. It doesn’t happen accidentally in most cases. Curiosity or hormones or fascination or many other factors which influence it.



Adieu, Mate. See ya!!

30-45 min

There’s a sweet spot between 30-45 min of starting the work, where your mind and body feels okay with the job at hand.

Don’t quit or get yourself distracted before that time… Else you quite miss the joy of doing it – doing it well.

Going deep

Try to reach deeper and deeper into own soul so much that you lose your sense of self, all the things which were bothering you, your inefficiencies, your worries kinda fly away. Suddenly, you are a free and heightened soul.


Universal Consciousness, The power of belief, Democracy, Paths of yoga – future articles.


Lack of clarity makes you get distracted.

Whenever you are faced with uncertainty, your brain gets into existential crisis and switches to something it knows to do well – Most probably getting you into social networks, or some kind of menial activity where your brain doesn’t have to worry about being tested.


1. Have a clarity what is that you want to accomplish at the end of this task, visualise it.

2. Gather all the supplies needed beforehand – this might not always be possible since sometimes you don’t know what you need upfront, you will need to improvise in the process. (No ‘Art’ is ever complete, it’s just left at the appropriate time.

3. Try to keep yourself away from the distractive things(which make you get distracted >60% of the times).   – Just make sure the thing is literally placed out of sight or at a considerable distance every time you are done with using it.

4. Your brain almost always tells you that you can do it within lesser than you can actually do. Take more time than needed. Then just begin doing it without any delay the moment your mind tells you should be doing it even when are not feeling like doing it because you never feel like doing it when you don’t begin doing it.

5. When the task at hand is gigantic in nature. Break it into doable chunks. Do a few (remember only a few) simpler chunks first before going to achieve bigger things.

6. Meditate for a couple of minutes.

I don’t know these advices would suffice but yeah, I think you got the hang of it. Adieu, Mate.