Obsession is the only way to ‘love what you do’.

The title may confuse you but I chose not to.

We read from sayings of great people that if we can’t do what we love, we need to begin loving what we are doing. That doesn’t mean you need to blindly follow the norms set by somebody. When we spend ample amounts of time working willingly on particular endeavour, (according to ‘Deep Work’, a book by Carl Newport) myelination takes place inside the brain’s neurons implying the that brain gets transformed to do the particular thing well. From my observations, since we are more inclined to do lazy things (brain loves energy storage), chances are we get habituated to be lazy forever.

The only way that we can break the cycle of fiasco is by getting addicted or obsessed about that particular thing which we want to love.

Steps to get obsessed about your work.

  1. Start doing your work and cross your break even time. ( Time after which you will feel ‘OK’ with what you are doing.) -Don’t underestimate this small part – It’s the toughest bit, Dear. As long as I don’t start I wouldn’t feel like starting and after I start I don’t feel like giving up.
  2. Endure, and Endure. Every time you feel that you’ve worked enough for the day… Stop there – you aren’t going anywhere. I feel just a tiny bit hungry, stop there again, that hunger ain’t gonna do any damage. I need to check my Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Email … hell with that shit, you still aren’t going anywhere. My mind wants to think about North Korea, Space shuttle, Christopher Nolan, Spiderman… No brother, superheroes can’t help you.
  3. Here comes the core. Focus. It’s that magical tool you’ve been searching for all along.
  4. Finally, the love part. There is a two way process. In one, there is an inherent curiosity about the work you are attempting – in this case you will automatically develop love for the job. Other case is you need to develop even the curiosity, then follow this Shloka from Natya Shastra…

Finding something for which I’m passionate about. (Pt-1)

To say the fact, there’s nothing great or exciting about my story but still, you will love it.

aimlessI always thought by being a rebel, or I should say by being iconoclastic, I thought I would achieve whatever I thought I can. Virtually, nothing seemed impossible for me back then. All this was inside, externally I couldn’t utter even a well-made sentence because of my introversion I used to doubt myself before every single word. I used to have so many ideas which I never put forth into action. Literally, I was there wasting all my potential. Then, all of a sudden I recalled my childhood obsession with finding a love of my life. I mean how insane is that first of all there is no goal for which aiming at and, upon that I needed a girl. Yet amidst all the confusion, my monkey mind chose the obvious option which I think you would have already guessed, yeah, scouting for a lass. As I already mentioned I was a shy guy, mostly lost in my own nondirectional thoughts. All that imbecile mess which is bound to happen with an inferiority complex affected person did happen. As usual, I am left with nothing in the end except for the fact that I was on high during the process.

Gradually opportunities seemed to get evaporated. Bad luck on one side, negligence on the other. Lost one piece of hope after the other like in a mindless game of chess.

(will be continued, hopefully!!)

The absurdity of it all.

Why are you so fascinated about death? I can agree that life has nothing very appealing to like, nothing seems beautiful, when you delve into the details of things. Deliberately ignoring the details makes it interesting a bit. As you and I know, the conscious part of our knowledge and thoughts is only one-tenth of the total mind capacity, still the power lurks in the hands of unconscious. I do not know why we live but I’ve come to conclusion that you can never understand it completely. I don’t know if you believe but there is a lot of reasoning capability that has to be improved and lot of excessive neuronal connections inside the brain that has to be made to be able to understand even the general life in it’s actual essence, just knowing the info and pondering about the things doesn’t change much, even the hardware should be upgraded and it’s a phenomenon about which our ancient Indian civilisation had good understanding about. In school of yoga, there is another philosophical division called ‘Gnana yoga’ – the wisdom of reasoning and understanding about life.
But I am much more interested in ‘how’ than ‘why’. Attainment of bliss is the final aim, It doesn’t matter whether you do the work or you understand life completely. I value working on anything even writing a book or a poem about a girl, any activity that makes some difference in the world and gives you pleasure of having done something more (just like Vincent Van Gogh). Thinking is such a delusive task it’s like facebook over instagram over google plus where virtuality over virtuality happens. At the beginning, you may have an object about which you are thinking, then as you go on, you will start thinking about thought itself and then it goes into an endless loop. When it hovers around the threshold (of your mental stability) you will lose control, and there is this illusion in which you do not know whether it’s you that’s thinking or the thought happening upon itself. I know ‘Understanding is the noblest pleasure in the world’ but our substrate of mind should support that much of burden to understand everything (And I am not even talking about your speed of comprehending, size of your woking memory and limited time we have here on earth, here). And you see we build upon the thoughts of another people which is already flawed because of the intense limitations of people’s observations. Then, the limitations of vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell because they are completely relative to circumstances and experiences. You cannot completely say ignorance is bliss, it’s knowing and willful ignoring that makes it all bliss. Maybe. Even this feeling is relative when the people around you are complete lunatics knowing a bit more than them makes you feel happy. If by hypothesis of previous sentence it’s you that making yourself happy why do you need to understand or anything in this world. Watch Dan Gilbert’s lecture on the surprising science of happiness. Happiness can happen synthetically. So it’s not ignorance or knowing. It’s your “decision to be happy that makes you happy” in both the situations.


Implicit signalling (Intriguing phenomenon of organisms)

Have you seen a caterpillar or a centipede crawling with those many legs. We can think about this fact in two ways i.e, either wonder “Wow, it can handle those many legs at time! Seems amazing.” or question “Does it consciously  control all those legs at a time?”. Now lets leave animals and come to human beings I want to ask you the same question. Are you the one controlling your hands, fingers, legs? If yes, really! Do you think so? Let’s check, command your brain to lift your hand. Aha! Did it happen. No, right. Now just lift your hand as you do normally. Wow, It’s happening from nowhere. For me, it seems that same is the case with the mental activities. You find people saying “you learn coding by doing it. Not by just seeing it!”. Really? All this time I thought it was by understanding things we can do it better. But wait.  Reading by reading more …writing by writing more and consciously improving but there is some essential increase in the craft and handling things(Like it seems things are becoming less and less complex these days). experimental fact: when you are starting to read. At the beginning things seems to be pretty tough, complicated and you don’t even understand a bit of it. But then again …as time passes  you see even the extremely intertwined things becoming untangled for you .It’s seems as if you were some awesome being, born to be great from the beginning. But there is some inherent mind activity happening that automates most of the things for you without you even realising it you can observe this while learning to drive your bike or car. Not only for saving energy  but also for giving you that extra space in which you can accommodate your new learning. We ignore that space by distracting. All this time our industrious brain was trying to create a possibility of improvement and we are consciously involved in the process of killing that, by getting distracted.

More to come in this series with the tag -The wisdom of action.

Don’t let Johny be a loner.

f:Who the hell you think you are Johny?…

J:I am just a little wanderer roaming around to win my own little life…

f:You have no right to do that because you make them feel insecure by thinking you are an equal with them. If you are not already a winner you are not in the league.

J:At least give me a chance to become an Insider or Why not accept me the way I am?

f:Why? oh! wait a minute, kid. That rat race is too hard for you.


You don’t have to ‘Impact a billion lives’ with your startup but if you can assuage someone’s pain or lift the burden of at least a soul … then you’ve achieved something and you’re a successful startup for that matter. Don’t think big. Think small. Because these are the things that matter. Solve some problem. Create some value. Don’t go on empty bragging campaigns.

Why write a blog? You ‘Quaint Moth’.

It’s been a long time since I’ve started clinging to writing as my refuge so as to preserve my sanity . But I happened to begin writing a diary because I have this memory problem and I keep forgetting my own nature, dreams, aspirations. I think each of us have a bit of  it but I’m entirely on a different level. I observe a lot of things every damn day about the human psychology, human physiology, limitations of present organisations and a lot more. I fantasize about ideas, possibilities of most things and constantly wonder why people don’t see them. Just like a stack, I fear that the things which have happened to me and things I’ve observed will go to bottom and in that abyss I may never find them. That’s why I secure all of those with the anchors of words written which lets me pick up whenever I need them. I used to write all of these in my diaries but off late I had been having no privacy and no peaceful environment either. As I stopped writing from few past months I feel delirious and I’ve  lost my path. I know I am an itinerant from the beginning but writing was like justification for my psyche. So, I thought it doesn’t matter what means you are using, what your musings are and, how foolish you are. Being on the thing that really matters or the one you really rejoice is all worth it.You know what, the day I write my amygdala goes berserk. I apologise for ending abruptly but I think I’ve made my point and answered the question “why”. Meet you again!